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Concerns You Should Discuss with Your Divorce Attorney

Jan 30, 2023

Choosing the right family law attorney to represent your interests during a dissolution of marriage is incredibly important. Divorce can be a trying experience, but with the help of an

How is Child Support Calculated in a High Asset Divorce?

Dec 18, 2022

Divorce is a challenging and emotional time for couples. Child support is dynamic and dependent on income, assets, and parenting time. When children are involved, the stakes are even higher for emotional,

How Does Social Media Affect Divorce?

Nov 27, 2022

Social media has changed the landscape of relationships and marriage. What used to be private moments and conversations between couples are now being shared with the world. Social media can

How Do I Protect My Business During Divorce?

Nov 02, 2022

It is impossible to deny how stressful and challenging divorce is, but if you own a business, you can count on it being more so. Because protecting your ownership and

5 Issues That Can Arise in Complex Property Division

Sep 26, 2022

Not every divorce case is complex. When a couple agrees on the various issues regarding their divorce, and they don’t have extensive assets, the process can be ended relatively quickly.

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