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What Factors Determine Spousal Support Payments?

Jun 21, 2022

Many preparations need to be made when filing for divorce. A married couple must decide upon living arrangements and resolve all the terms of their divorce. As the divorce is being filed in court, the lower-income spouse may even ask for spousal support.  

Modifying Child Custody Arrangements

May 28, 2022

There may come a time when the child custody terms you have no longer accommodate your family’s needs, and a modification may be in order. If you have outgrown your child custody arrangements, reach out for the professional legal guidance of a Bloomfield

Common Financial Issues in Divorce

Apr 25, 2022

During a divorce proceeding, there will be a variety of financial issues to navigate that a Bloomfield Hills divorce lawyer can help with. You’ve no doubt already worked out for yourself that all of the assets and debts will need to be divided.

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