Complex Property Division 

Complex Property Division 

The process of a divorce can be relatively simple if it is uncontested and there is not much property owned by the spouses. However, when the divorce is contested and there is significant marital property to divide between the spouses, the process can be time-consuming, stressful, and lead to a less than ideal outcome without the right legal help. Never hesitate to learn more about how property is divided in a divorce and how an experienced Michigan divorce lawyer from the law office of Robbins and Licavoli can help in your case. 

The Divorce Process Requires Disclosure of Assets

The process of divorce in Michigan requires a significant amount of paperwork and information. Alongside filing the petition for the dissolution of marriage and the certification of dissolution of marriage, you must also file a statement of income and expenses, as well as a statement of property and debts. Your spouse is expected to do the same, and there is always the risk they will present incomplete or inaccurate information, so you want an attorney to look for signs that something might not be right. 

These disclosures can be complicated and extensive if you have complex property, such as:

  • Investment portfolios
  • Multiple real properties and investment properties
  • Business interests
  • Art or jewelry collections
  • Insurance policies
  • Inheritances and trusts
  • Legal judgments

The more complicated your assets and property are, the greater possibility there is that your spouse might try to conceal assets to try to gain an unfair advantage. You want an attorney with a skilled eye to review all disclosures to identify any possible red flags. 

Resolving Complex Property Division Cases

Once you identify all the property you share with your spouse, the law requires you to divide the property and assets in an equitable manner. This means that the marital property should be divided fairly, given all of your financial circumstances. 

There are many issues that can arise, including:

  • Possible concealment of assets
  • Determining the value of businesses or other property
  • Any premarital agreements that might be in place and whether they are valid

When spouses have high assets, the property division process can become contentious and can often require litigation. You want a skilled attorney on your side who knows how to fight for your fair share of marital property in your specific situation. 

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Going through a divorce in which there is a significant amount of property to divide can be especially stressful, as people tend to fight for as much property and assets as possible, even if it means going to court. Having a professional and experienced divorce attorney on your side throughout the divorce process will minimize the stress you experience and help you reach an acceptable solution sooner than later so you can move on with your life. 

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