Courtney M.


Mr. Robbins and his firm are beyond amazing, and I’ll forever be so thankful. They helped me through the roughest patch of my life, and got me everything I wanted/deserved! Amazing at keeping you updated, and informed, and also for going overboard, and doing the absolute most he possibly could. Forever recommended!

Eric S.

These guys are great. Felt really comfortable through the whole process, their communication is steller, and would highly recommend them.

Gary C.

I had an odd case where I had already been divorced, but then my ex-wife gave birth to a child only a few months later. By Michigan law that was considered my child and I was to be responsible for it.

I went to this law firm and they laid out all of the facts with zero pressure whatsoever and let me know where I stood.
They’re very professional, communication was always constant even after “business hours” and weekends, and I never had a question go unanswered.

Long story short, they did all of the leg work behind the scenes, did a lot of research and didn’t just file the paperwork; they streamlined the entire process. My case was all clearly written, wrapped in a bow tie and cherries.
My case was done via Zoom where they took the reigns with the judge and all I had to do was answer simple questions. The entire case was done in less than six minutes!
If you go with these guys, you’re paying for the best.

Viola A.F.

My expierence with this firm helped me look out for myself! In my case, an illness diagnosis morally caused me to stop my Divorce , Matt and Brian continued to look out for me, so thankful, if ever anyone need them, certainly the team will work,look out for you!

Anna S.

I had a difficulty in my marriage and I needed professional help . Bryan and Matthew were a great choice, they asked the right questions and they listened with the understanding and consideration, what is very important when you going through the difficult time. They handle the situation very well . I knew I was in a good hands and I didn’t have to worry anymore .
Thank you Bryan and Matthew

Robert D.

Great lawyer who can calm you down and help you think logically. They took my case and got right to it. We got the W!!

Holly F.

I was referred to Robbins and Licavoli from my parents estate planner while trying to find a family practice to represent my Daughter and I. I was very nervous about hiring lawyers and trusting someone to not only represent case, but my daughter and I as people. I set up a consultation with Matthew and Brian, and within minutes of sitting and chatting with them, I was certain that their firm was the right choice for my family. Both Matthew and Brian are incredibly knowledgeable and more than qualified, but what really makes them stand out is that they are both wonderful individuals. They both have a passion for what they do and it clearly shows through in their work. Matthew and Brian took the fear and anxiety out of my case by making sure all information and communication was clear and concise. They listened to what I wanted as a parent, and took that to heart every step of the way. There was never a moment when I was unsure of anything related to my case. They see You as people, not just a monetary figure, which makes working with their team effortless. I went into my case nervous, but Matthew and Brian were able to turn it into a very positive experience. Their representation was excellent from the first consultation to the very end. I am confident in recommending them to anyone who may require their expertise. Though I hope to never need their representation in the future, I would hire them again, without a doubt because their team simply cannot be beat. They are the best representation money can buy. They are compassionate, but know how to get the best possible results for their client. When you hire Robbins and Licavoli you truly do get the best of the best.

Eric M.

The entire team at Robbins and Licavoli were extremely professional and helpful every step of the way. Any questions I had were answered quickly and knowledgeably. Through the entire process, they were at my side to offer support and advice. Anyone needing a great team of divorce lawyers should look no further than Robbins and Licavoli.


Mr. Robbins and Mr. Licavoli played a key role in getting through a very difficult time, and helped me to achieve a positive outcome. What I appreciated most was their honesty. I felt very informed and confident they were on my side at every turn. I made the right choice in choosing to use their firm and would absolutely recommend them to someone in need of extraordinary representation!

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