Gary C.

Gary C.

Jun 10, 2020

I had an odd case where I had already been divorced, but then my ex-wife gave birth to a child only a few months later. By Michigan law that was considered my child and I was to be responsible for it.

I went to this law firm and they laid out all of the facts with zero pressure whatsoever and let me know where I stood.
They’re very professional, communication was always constant even after “business hours” and weekends, and I never had a question go unanswered.

Long story short, they did all of the leg work behind the scenes, did a lot of research and didn’t just file the paperwork; they streamlined the entire process. My case was all clearly written, wrapped in a bow tie and cherries.
My case was done via Zoom where they took the reigns with the judge and all I had to do was answer simple questions. The entire case was done in less than six minutes!
If you go with these guys, you’re paying for the best.

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