Concerns You Should Discuss with Your Divorce Attorney

Concerns You Should Discuss with Your Divorce Attorney

Jan 30, 2023

Choosing the right family law attorney to represent your interests during a dissolution of marriage is incredibly important. Divorce can be a trying experience, but with the help of an experienced divorce attorney, you can approach the process with confidence, knowing you are represented by a qualified professional. 

In short, an excellent lawyer will guide you through the legalities of getting divorced and also seek to ensure that you get a fair outcome. They understand the emotional complications involved in a divorce and all other factors, such as financial concerns and your duty to provide for your children’s future. It’s wise to select an attorney who has been through many divorce cases before, so they will have the skills necessary to safeguard your interests during one of life’s most significant transitions.

Here are some of the most helpful questions and concerns you can ask and discuss with a lawyer during a consultation.

Questions you should discuss with a divorce attorney

  1. How long have you specialized in divorce or family law?
  2. What are your specialties in family law?
  3. How many law cases have you handled in the past year? What was the most common outcome?
  4. Do you have a specific strategy you employ in divorce cases?
  5. What is your legal fee? Do you offer payment plans?
  6. Do you take a team approach to divorce cases, or are you handling my case independently?
  7. What is your email and phone call return policy?
  8. What costs are involved in your fees or retainers? Do you bill hourly? 
  9. What other services do you provide for divorce cases? Do you have referrals for accountants, psychologists, or private investigators?
  10. How will you secure my file? What is your policy on confidentiality?
  11. Do you deal with high-net-worth divorces? Do you provide services for complex property divisions?
  12. How often do you settle for divorce out of court?
  13. What is your experience with divorces with high disputes?

Every case is different, and your questions should be uniquely catered to or formulated to your specific family law needs when you come prepared to a meeting and discuss essential aspects of your divorce case. You and the attorney can come together and open the communication pathway to discuss a strategy and possible options moving forward through your divorce. 

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 If you are considering a divorce, you must speak with an attorney. At Robbins & Licavoli, PLLC, we understand that this is a difficult time for you and your family. We want to help you through this process by answering any questions you may have and providing the best possible representation. When you come prepared to meet our team, we are able to clearly strategize and help you move through this difficult time with ease. 

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