West Bloomfield Divorce Lawyer

West Bloomfield Divorce Lawyer

Divorce represents both a major decision and a major transition for any family. The process of ending a marriage can be difficult – emotionally, practically, financially, and legally. You want the best divorce terms issued by the court, so you can move forward in the most favorable position possible. Because the terms of your divorce will affect your future significantly, it’s essential that you work closely with an experienced West Bloomfield divorce lawyer

The Elements of Your Divorce

Every divorce follows its own unique course, but there are several basic elements that every divorce must address, as applicable. These include:

  • Child custody arrangements
  • The division of marital property
  • Child support
  • Spousal support (or alimony)

Child Custody Arrangements

If your divorce involves children you share with your divorcing spouse, your child custody arrangements are very likely a top priority. Michigan addresses both legal custody and physical custody/parenting time, and the following often apply:

  • As long as it’s in the best interest of the children, both parents typically share legal custody, which means that they share the significant parental right and responsibility to make important decisions on their children’s behalf.
  • Physical custody can be either joint or sole, but the court’s position is that except in extreme situations, it is in children’s best interests to continue to cultivate relationships with both of their parents. As such, parents regularly share physical custody, which means the children will live with both parents according to a set schedule, which doesn’t necessarily split time equally with the children. 

The Division of Marital Property

Your marital property amounts to those assets you and your spouse acquired together as a married couple. These shared assets remain marital property regardless of whose name happens to appear on the title. The State of Michigan takes a wide range of factors into consideration when determining the equitable division of your marital property, and these include your separate financial resources, your separate property, your individual contributions to the marriage, and much more.

Child Support

Child support payments help ensure that both parents share in the financial responsibility of raising their children to adulthood. These payments are based on calculation guidelines issued by the state, and they factor in variables such as each parent’s income, the children’s unique needs, and the number of overnights each parent has with the children.  

Spousal Support

Spousal support is calculated on a case-by-case basis, and there are no guarantees that spousal support will be awarded in a divorce. Generally, if one divorcing spouse has a financial deficiency and the other divorcing spouse has the financial means to help mitigate that financial need, the court will consider a spousal support order.

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