Troy Divorce Lawyer 

Troy Divorce Lawyer 

Troy Divorce Lawyer

Are you looking for a Troy divorce lawyer? The Law Office of Robbins & Licavoli is here to help. A divorce lawyer will thoroughly review the facts and evidence of your divorce case, provide you with legal advice, file your documents with the court, and prepare you for any depositions or court hearings (or arbitration/mediation meetings).   

Why You Should Hire a Divorce Lawyer

It is generally accepted that if there were assets obtained during the marriage (a house, investments) or if there are mutual children between the two spouses, hiring a lawyer is advisable. A divorce lawyer can reduce your stress in being intimidated by documents like these and over 100 pages of Michigan divorce rules and procedures like these. A divorce lawyer can also help if you choose to try mediation and arbitration to reach a settlement. 

How Having a Lawyer Helps with Child Custody

Did you know that couples who both have legal representation in their divorce cases are most likely to reach a mutual custody agreement? If you cannot reach an agreement with your spouse over custody, you must go to trial, which is going to add a great deal of expense, time, and stress (none of which are good for your children). 

Furthermore, couples who are both represented by lawyers in a divorce proceeding are more likely to agree to joint custody. This really speaks to how an experienced divorce lawyer is more than just someone who will file your legal paperwork and give legal advice—a divorce lawyer is as much a person for legal guidance and support as anything. In other words, hiring a lawyer may actually help you save money on your divorce.

What to Ask a Troy Divorce Lawyer Before Hiring

Like most people, you probably don’t consider yourself an expert at hiring a lawyer. Here are some questions to ask when you get to your initial consultation:

  • How many divorce cases have you done here in this area? What percentage of those settled before having to go to court?
  • Explain your fees. Will there be a retainer? What’s your hourly rate? Is a flat fee possible? May I see an example of what one of your itemized bills looks like? Are there any other fees I should be aware of? Are any of these fees negotiable?
  • May I see a copy of your contract?
  • Will you personally handle my case from start to finish? (You won’t be passed around at the firm to whoever is free on your hearing date.)
  • Have you ever met my spouse? What relationship, if any, do you have with my spouse’s divorce lawyer?
  • How do you approach divorces? (Will they fight aggressively or take a collaborative “let’s negotiate” approach?)
  • Will I also be working with your paralegal? Ask the lawyer to introduce you to everyone who’ll be involved.
  • Will I be consulted before any decisions are made regarding my case?
  • Do you share your cell phone number with your clients? What’s the best way to reach you (email, text, phone call)?

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The Law Office of Robbins & Licavoli is a team of Troy divorce lawyers. We are passionate about helping people obtain the divorce settlements they are entitled to. Contact us on our contact form to set up your free consultation. 

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