Oakland County Family Law Lawyers

Oakland County Family Law Lawyers

When the legal issue you’re facing affects family affairs, it needs to be taken seriously, and an experienced Oakland County family law lawyer can help you with that. Primary family law concerns include divorce, the specific terms of divorce, post-divorce modifications, and child custody arrangements between parents who were never married, but the practice goes well beyond these parameters.

Prenuptial Agreements

More and more couples are employing prenuptial agreements to help guide how their assets will be divided in the event of divorce. Prenuptial agreements tend to address separate property, marital property, the issue of alimony, and the inheritance rights of either spouse’s separate children. Prenuptial agreements are created prior to marriage and go into effect upon marriage, while postnuptial agreements are created and executed during the marriage. Well-crafted prenuptial and postnuptial agreements that uphold each spouse’s rights are generally binding. 


Paternity establishes who a child’s legal father is, and if a child’s parents aren’t married at the time of their birth, paternity must be resolved in one of the following ways:

  • Both parents file a form establishing paternity with the court.
  • One parent requests that the court orders DNA testing to establish paternity.
  • The court orders that paternity be established via DNA testing.

Generally, the determination of a child’s father affords benefits to everyone involved. 

Grandparents’ Rights

The State of Michigan will take all the following factors into consideration when hearing a petition for a grandparent’s rights to visitation with their grandchildren:

  • The children’s best interests, which are always paramount
  • The relationship the grandchildren and grandparents have already forged
  • The strength of the emotional ties between the grandchildren and their grandparents. 

Divorce Terms

No two divorces are ever identical, but the terms that you must address are the same as those addressed by every other divorcing couple and include:

  • The equitable division of your marital assets, which includes everything you and your spouse acquired while you were married 
  • Your child custody arrangements, which include legal custody – or primary parental decision-making – and physical custody – or parenting time
  • Child support, which is typically the financial responsibility of the parent who earns more
  • Alimony, which only applies if the divorce leaves one spouse unable to reasonably support themself financially while the other has the financial means to offset the problem

If you’ve experienced a significant change in circumstances since the time your original divorce orders were issued, you can seek a term modification – in relation to child custody arrangements, child support, or alimony (as applicable). 

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