Oakland County Divorce Lawyers

Oakland County Divorce Lawyers

Representing Clients during Divorce in Oakland County

No one gets married with future plans for divorce, but many married couples decide to separate for a variety of reasons. The law provides specific guidelines for dissolving a marriage, and each state has its own unique laws and procedures. If you are getting divorced in Michigan, it is important to have skilled Oakland County divorce lawyers on your side from the very beginning.

Our legal team at Robbins & Licavoli, PLLC, represents clients in many different circumstances who are facing divorce. Whether you have a relatively straightforward case after a short marriage with no children, or you are ending a long marriage that involves children and complicated assets, we can assist you. Contact us directly to discuss the divorce process and how we can help. 

Divorce Laws and Procedures in Oakland County

Michigan law addresses the necessary procedures and requirements for a divorce within the state. Some of these include: 

  • Residency – In most cases, you or your spouse must have lived in Michigan for 180 days and within your county for at least ten days
  • Complaint – One spouse has to prepare and file a divorce complaint in the appropriate county with all of the necessary information to initiate the divorce
  • Service – The Plaintiff must serve the other spouse with the initially filed pleadings, and the other spouse then has a short time to file an answer with the court
  • Grounds – The complaint must state no-fault grounds for the divorce, which means stating the marriage has broken down beyond preservation

A lot of preparation goes into filing a divorce complaint or answer, and you always want to ensure you have the help of an experienced attorney so you can get started on the right foot.  

The Divorce Process

Once a divorce case is started, spouses must resolve several issues before they can receive a final judgment from the court. Such issues can include:

Each divorce takes a different path, depending on how well the spouses can cooperate and agree. If a divorce is amicable, you might agree on all issues from the start, and you can submit your settlement agreement to the court. Do not get discouraged if you cannot immediately agree, as mediation and negotiation can help you compromise and reach an agreement on your own terms.  

On the other hand, some spouses are so adversarial – or under circumstances beyond their control, such as domestic violence – that they cannot reach an agreement together. In this situation, you might have to go to trial and allow the judge to decide how to resolve the relevant issues. You should have a highly experienced attorney representing you in court.

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