Oakland County Divorce Attorneys

Oakland County Divorce Attorneys

Helping Clients throughout Oakland County during the Divorce Process

There are many reasons why people decide to end their marriages, and divorcing spouses might be in many different types of situations and have a variety of goals for their divorce outcomes. No matter what the circumstances surrounding your marriage and divorce might be, one thing is for certain – you want the right Oakland County divorce attorney guiding you every step of the way. If you believe divorce is in your future, or you would like to learn more about the process, contact the legal team at Robbins & Licavoli for assistance. 

The Michigan Divorce Process

The divorce process begins when one spouse files a petition for the dissolution of marriage with the proper family court. In Michigan, you can only provide no-fault grounds for divorce, which means citing the irreconcilable breakdown of your marriages instead of fault-based grounds like adultery or cruelty. However, if one spouse did engage in misconduct, it might be considered by the court for other purposes in certain situations.

Once a divorce case is underway, the court will require you and your spouse to resolve all relevant issues, which include:

Once all issues are appropriately resolved, your divorce can be finalized. However, there is a two-month waiting period after filing for spouses without minor children, or a six-month waiting period if you have children together. Often, the help of an experienced divorce lawyer in Oakland County can help prevent unnecessary delays in the process. 

Resolving Divorce-Related Issues

Most of the divorce process focuses on resolving the necessary issues in accordance with Michigan law. If you and your spouse are in agreement on how to divide your property, how to share custody, and regarding financial support before you file, you can have an uncontested divorce, which can be simpler and faster than a contested divorce.

If you disagree on one or more issues, you will have a contested divorce, and your attorney will help determine the best way to handle unresolved matters. This might involve:

  • Negotiation between your attorney and your spouse’s attorney
  • Mediation, in which a neutral mediator encourages you and your spouse to compromise and find a middle ground
  • Litigation, which puts the resolution of your divorce in the hands of the court

It is preferable for many divorcing spouses to reach an out-of-court settlement since litigation can be a costly, lengthy, and highly adversarial process. Our attorneys work to reach agreements that are favorable for the futures of our clients, and that minimizes the expense and time you can experience during divorce. However, if your case requires litigation, we are experienced at standing up for clients’ rights in the courtroom. 

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