Family Law Attorneys in Oakland County

Family Law Attorneys in Oakland County

Family law covers many areas, including child custody and the distribution of marital assets to prenuptial agreements and annulments. Disputes related to family law are often highly contentious and emotionally charged, making it advisable for anyone involved in one to contact a lawyer. Our experienced family law attorneys in Oakland County are here to assist you as they build a strategy that brings your case to a favorable resolution.

How Family Law Attorneys Can Help Their Clients

An experienced family law attorney can help you in a number of ways. Of course, what your lawyer will do for you depends on your situation. For example, if you are actively involved in a dispute, an attorney may represent you in court. On the other hand, if you are considering getting married, an attorney can help you determine whether you want to execute a prenuptial agreement.

Some of the specific ways in which a lawyer can help include:

  • Determining the most effective strategy to achieve your goals
  • Attempting to negotiate an out of court settlement to a dispute
  • Representing you in court
  • Advising you as to your legal rights

Marital Asset Distribution

Michigan is an equitable distribution state, which means courts have significant discretion when it comes to dividing marital assets. For this reason, if you are getting divorced, it’s critical that you have an experienced attorney representing you. 

Marital assets are those that are acquired during the marriage. Other assets, considered separate property, are those that a spouse acquired before the marriage. Separate property can also be inherited by a spouse or gifted to one spouse during the marriage.

Alimony/Spousal Support in a Divorce

In Michigan, not all divorces involve alimony, also commonly known as spousal support. Alimony is determined based on the circumstances particular to the case.

Child Custody/Parenting Time

In Michigan, child custody is based on what is in the best interests of the child. Some parents can have joint custody of their children and an equal parenting time schedule. If the parents can agree on child custody and visitation, the court will generally follow their decision. However, if the parents cannot decide, the court will do it for them. 

Mediation in a Divorce

There are times when acrimony between the spouses may preempt a divorce case from resolving. In such cases, your lawyers will work with a person skilled in mediation. This is a valuable service and one that your family law attorney can help you with to reach an amicable solution. 

Call a Family Law Attorney in Oakland County to Schedule a Case Review

Divorce is never easy, but an attorney can help to make it less stressful. Contacting a seasoned family law attorney is a way to ensure that your rights and those of your children are protected. 

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