Family Law Attorneys Bloomfield Hills

Family Law Attorneys Bloomfield Hills

Standing Up for You During Family-Related Legal Matters in Bloomfield Hills

When you have a case in family court, it is likely especially stressful because of what it inherently involves – your family. Family law cases can put your marriage, your relationship with your children, and more on the line, and it is imperative that you take the necessary steps to protect your interests and your future. This entails seeking help from a family law attorney in Bloomfield Hills, so please contact the Law Offices of Robbins & Licavoli for more information today. 

Common Family Law Cases

When you think of family law, you might think of spouses or parents battling it out in court and yelling at one another across the room. While this is a common image on TV or in movies, many family law cases can be resolved favorably and efficiently without adversarial and costly court battles. The help of the right attorney can help minimize the expense, time, and stress involved in your case.

Our family law attorneys can handle many types of cases, including:

    • Divorce – When two spouses want to end a marriage, they must follow the guidelines and requirements set out in state law. 
    • Same-sex divorce – The issues in same-sex divorce are generally the same as in opposite-sex divorce, though there might be more complicated issues involving children or the validity of the marriage (if pre-2015). 
    • Division of marital assets – This is an essential part of any divorce case, and spouses must decide how to divide their marital property, assets, and debts in an equitable manner.
    • Spousal support/alimony When divorcing spouses have a discrepancy in wealth and/or earning ability, one spouse might request financial support from the other for a certain period of time. 
    • Pre-Nuptial and Post-Nuptial AgreementsThere are many reasons why engaged couples or married spouses might want to sign an agreement that sets guidelines and terms for a potential divorce case.
    • AnnulmentsIn some cases, a marriage might be considered invalid. This means a couple should seek an annulment of the marriage instead of pursuing a divorce. 
    • Child custody and parenting time – Whether parents are getting divorced or were never married and are not together, they will need to determine how they will share both legal custody of their children, which involves decision-making authority, as well as parenting time, which is the physical time each parent gets with their child.
    • Child SupportBased on custody arrangements and each parent’s income, one parent might have to pay child support to help financially support their child.
    • Paternity – If parents were unmarried when a child was born, it might be necessary to establish paternity before matters such as custody and child support are decided.
    • Grandparents’ Rights In limited situations, grandparents might want to fight for the right to visitation with or custody of their grandchild.

Learn How Our Family Law Attorneys in Bloomfield Hills Can Help

If you have any of the above family law matters, you should not wait to consult with the Law Offices of Robbins & Licavoli. Contact us to learn more from a family law attorney in Bloomfield Hills. 

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