Divorce Law Firm in Bloomfield Hills

Divorce Law Firm in Bloomfield Hills

Guiding Clients through the Divorce Process in and around Bloomfield Hills

Divorce is a legal process that formally ends a marriage in the eyes of the law. Each state has its own laws governing the divorce process, and spouses divorcing in Bloomfield Hills must meet the requirements under Michigan law. 

The divorce process can be complicated, and you want the right divorce law firm in Bloomfield Hills helping you every step of the way. The divorce attorneys at Robbins & Licavoli aim to resolve each case as efficiently as possible while still ensuring your rights and interests are fully protected. Call today to discuss how we can assist with your divorce. 

Divorce Cases in Michigan

Michigan is a “no-fault” divorce state. This means your divorce will be based on the breakdown of the marriage due to irreconcilable differences, and neither spouse is required to prove misconduct on the part of the other to legally end the marriage. However, misconduct by either spouse can be considered in various aspects of a divorce.  

You may file for divorce in Michigan if you have been a resident of our state for the past 180 days or more. Many divorce cases can last up to a year long, as the law requires spouses to resolve several matters before they can finalize a divorce order.

Possible Issues in a Bloomfield Hills Divorce

Every divorce has unique issues to resolve, and your divorce law firm in Bloomfield Hills can identify the matters that you need to address in your specific case. Some common issues that might be involved include: 

 Some spouses have relatively simple situations and/or can cooperate from the start. On the other hand, many spouses cannot agree on one or more issues, and they will have different options for their contested divorce. These include: 

  • Reaching an agreement through informal negotiation between their attorneys
  • Participating in mediation to reach resolutions with the help of a third-party mediator (as well as with the representation of their attorneys)
  • Going to trial to let the judge rule on unresolved issues for you

Regardless of Your Situation, Reach Out to a Divorce Law Firm in Bloomfield Hills for Help Today

If your marriage is ending, it is important to have representation from a divorce law firm in Bloomfield Hills that you can trust. At Robbins & Licavoli, we know every case is different, and we seek efficient and effective resolutions for each client. Contact us for a consultation today. 

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