Divorce Attorneys near Me

Divorce Attorneys near Me

If you are facing a divorce, there is a lot to consider, but because divorce also tends to be an emotional rollercoaster, it amounts to a lot. Add to this the fact that your financial and parental rights are in the mix as well, and it helps to cement your need for an experienced Michigan divorce attorney near you. 

Considering the Terms of Your Divorce

While divorces vary considerably from one to another – and no two divorces are ever identical – the terms of a divorce that must be resolved remain consistent, including (as applicable):

If You Have Children

If you share children, the issues of child custody arrangements and child support will need to be resolved. Child custody is divided into legal custody and parenting time. Legal custody sets the stage for who will take on the responsibility of making important decisions – such as those related to schooling, religious upbringing, healthcare, and extracurriculars – on behalf of your children, and this responsibility can be either sole, joint, or divided according to the kinds of decisions being made.

Parenting time refers to the schedule by which you will divide your time with your child. While these schedules can vary significantly, you and your ex will either divide your time equally (or nearly equally), or one of you will take on the primary custodial role while the other has scheduled visitation. 

Child support is the state’s tool for ensuring that both parents continue supporting their children post-divorce, and it is determined in accordance with careful state guidelines. The most important factors, however, boil down to the amount of time each of you has the children and each of your incomes. 

The Division of Your Marital Property

The property and assets that you acquire while married are considered marital property, and it doesn’t matter who signs on the dotted line or whose name is on the deed. The separate property that follows you into the marriage will remain separate only if you keep it separate throughout the years of your marriage, which means keeping it disentangled from your marital assets (which can be difficult to accomplish). Upon divorce, you and your soon-to-be-ex will need to divide your marital assets between you equitably, which means fairly when the relevant circumstances are factored in. 


Alimony is designed to allow a financially disadvantaged ex a leg up post-divorce. Alimony generally amounts to temporary payments made by the spouse with the financial ability to help until the recipient obtains the education, experience, and/or job skills necessary to become more financially independent. 

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