Bloomfield Hills Divorce Lawyers

Bloomfield Hills Divorce Lawyers

While it’s never very pleasant, sometimes divorce is the only way for two people to move forward into happier, more settled lives. Suppose you’ve determined that divorce is the right solution for you. In that case, our Bloomfield Hills divorce lawyers are to help you navigate this process.

What are the Requirements for a Michigan Divorce?

You cannot be granted a divorce in Michigan unless you or your spouse have lived here for a minimum of 180 days immediately before filing the complaint for divorce. Additionally, you or your spouse must have resided in the county where the complaint is filed for ten days immediately preceding the filing. However, if you or your spouse hasn’t resided in the county that long, you can still file for divorce in that county (or in any county) if all of the following apply:

  • Your spouse was born in or has citizenship in a country other than the U.S.
  • You and your spouse have a child less than 18 years of age
  • A judge considers your child at risk of being removed from the U. S. by your spouse and held in another country

If all of these factors do apply to your situation or you have questions about them, you will want to seek the counsel of seasoned Bloomfield Hills divorce attorneys right away.

You don’t need to provide a reason or grounds for your divorce in Michigan. Divorces are filed based commonly on the “irretrievable breakdown of the marriage.” You don’t need to explain why you want a divorce in your petition for dissolution of marriage. 

How Long Does a Michigan Divorce Take?

The average time it takes for a divorce to become final in Michigan is about 60 days. However, this can increase based on many factors, such as if your divorce involves:

  • High assets
  • Business ventures
  • Children
  • Contested matters

Most divorces in this state take between two and nine months to be finalized.

What if We Have a Prenup Agreement?

If you and your spouse executed a prenuptial or prenup agreement before you were married, bring this to the attention of your Bloomfield Hills divorce lawyers right away. They will examine your agreement to determine if the court will deem it valid. Generally, this means that each party entered into the agreement on their own will and not under duress and that each party was forthcoming about all of their assets. It also must be fair to be enforced. If the divorce court agrees that the prenup agreement is valid, it will enforce it. The same facts hold true even if you had a postnuptial agreement or one that was executed after the marriage. A prenup or postnup agreement can help the divorce process go quicker and smoother.

You Count on Our Knowledgeable Bloomfield Hills Divorce Lawyers

The knowledgeable Bloomfield Hills divorce attorneys at Robbins & Licavoli are highly experienced in many different types of divorces. We can help you as you begin to enter a new phase of life. To schedule your confidential consultation, call us at 248-723-8709 or contact us online.

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