Bloomfield Hills Child Custody Attorneys

Bloomfield Hills Child Custody Attorneys

Bloomfield Hills Child Custody Attorneys

Having to arrange child custody during your split from your spouse can be challenging, stressful, and problematic. As Bloomfield Hills child custody attorneys, the team at Robbins and Licavoli handles cases like yours regularly. These legal arrangements can be trying and strenuous on families, to say the least. Whether you just need a one-time strategy session or full legal representation, it’s worth your while to seek out the best Bloomfield Hills child custody attorney available.

How is Child Custody Decided in Michigan?

What is in the best interest of the child is always the priority in Michigan, as in other states. A judge or mediator will weigh these factors in determining what is in your child’s best interest if you and your spouse can not agree:

  • How permanent or stable is the home?
  • How capable and willing each parent is of providing the child with basic necessities (shelter, food, clothing)?
  • How each parent approaches co-parenting with their ex (nurturing an atmosphere of cooperation and mutual respect)
  • How healthy, ethically fit, and mentally/emotionally stable is each parent?
  • How close is the child’s relationship with either parent?
  • How has the child historically performed in school, at home, or in outside activities (sports, summer camp, church) with each parent’s influence?
  • How the child feels about the living situation (yes, reasonable preferences of older minors can be considered)
  • How each parent empirically provides love, guidance, and protection for the child
  • Any history of domestic violence, abuse, criminal background/incarceration, or alcohol/drug abuse a parent may bring to the table
  • Other relevant issues the court seems to be important

Can I Be a Single Dad?

Yes! Michigan, like the other 49 states, has a myriad of single fathers. While there were just 300,000 single fathers in the 1960s, there are 2.5 million single fathers around the country currently. Today, it is not at all uncommon for dads to demand a relevant role in their child’s upbringing. It’s better for the child—don’t forget that! Whether you work outside the home or not, father’s rights have advanced significantly over the last few decades. Again, the court is looking for what’s best for the child, not what’s traditional. Do not let having a full-time job scare you away from seeking custody. 

Three-quarters of single fathers have standard 40-hour jobs. You have every right to keep being an involved dad after your divorce. Sadly, it can still be an uphill battle in many Michigan courts, but hiring a top-notch Bloomfield Hills child custody lawyer is a great way to show a judge that you are serious about your role as an involved father. 

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Robbins and Licavoli is a law firm dedicated to all aspects of family law. Because we have devoted ourselves to this particular niche of the law, our experience and passion is highly apparent. Contact us today to find out for yourself.

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